Training a team in order to increase awareness about a liberal society

On 19-20th of August 11 young people from the Liberal Party Youth Organization participated at a seminar “Training for trainers”, held in Chisinau.

The trainers were Jenny Shorten and Steven Gauge, experienced trainers who facilitated in different countries of the world. Both of them are representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party from UK – the sponsor of this event.

During the training the participants learned about how to be a good trainer, how to capture the attention of the audience and how make your message understood. The participants had the chance to put in practice all the skills which they got during the training, by designing their own training session. Divided in several groups they chose a theme on which they have to work and on the second day they had to present it to their colleagues.

“This training was extremely useful for me as a future trainer. Now I feel more confident about facilitating a course.” said Adrian Rusu, participant at the seminar.

“What I liked about this seminar is that the trainers were very keen to explain all the details, even the smallest ones on how we should act in front of the audience. I got a lot of tips on how to be a good trainer.” said Svetlana Ursu, also participant at the seminar.

This event is a part of a training plan, which main goal is to build an intern team of facilitators, who will train young people about what means a liberal society.