What is a merchant account and what are its benefits?

A merchant account is a unique account set up for businessmen who are able to accept and process electronic payments from their clients by a credit card or a debit card. When you have got a merchant account, you should be able to accept any kinds of credit or debit cards for payment purposes.
Merchant accounts come with a lot of features and benefits for the businessmen.
Some of the basic features are mentioned below:
Great low rates
Prompt payment of merchant funds
No equipment purchase required
Reliable 24/7 Customer Service - Free!
Quick merchant account approvals
Secure 24/7 on-line transaction reporting
Loss prevention specialists protect your business
Voice authorization services
Retail, MO/TO, and Internet solutions
You can also receive and send online payments through your merchant account. Time and money is very valuable in business. ACH transactions can be done instantly and this will give a new opportunity to grow your business even better. Some of the banks offer free savings analysis bank account so that you can compare it with your merchant account and see if you are paying too much on your merchant account.
While you have opened a merchant account, you will get the benefits of doing ACH and get online payment from your clients. ACH is a nationwide mechanism that processes electronically originated batches of credit and debit transfers, enabling funds to be debited from a customer’s bank account and deposited into a merchant’s account for services rendered or goods sold. Majority of consumers understand that ACH is a safe, secure and convenient way of sending payments. Many businesses are getting ACH facilities while they open their merchant account because of the following reasons.
saves time
easier than writing a check
no postage required
eliminates late fees
credit rating protection